2020 Luca Gargano & Astrid Nicole: Starlight (single, Samettituotanto)

2017 Koskelainen: Luova iltapäivä (album, Samettituotanto)

2017 Koskelainen: Viini (single, Samettituotanto)

2014 Kites & Bubbles (single, Music Kickup & Velvet Productions)

2014 Koskelainen: Herää (single, Samettituotanto)

2012 Koskelainen: Bola Bola (album, Samettituotanto)

2011 A Postcard to Ava Jacks (single, IVK Music Finland)

2011 Koskelainen: Syys-EP

2011 Koskelainen: Kesä-ep 2

2011 Koskelainen: Kesä-ep

2010 Look Back in Laughter (album, IVK Music Finland)

2008 Spumanti Crush: What We Did Last Summer (EP)

2008 Ari Koivunen: Becoming (SonyBMG)
2007 Cheat Code: This is it (single, KSF)
2007 Cheat Code: All for You (single, KSF)
2007 Ari Koivunen: Fuel for the Fire bonus-cd (SonyBMG)
2005 Kalkutan Konepaja (web releases)
2004 Helsten: Promo (EP)

2002: Koiton Laulu: Taas päin
2002 Morris: Kummajainen (EP)

1999 Spumanti: EP
1998 Spumanti: demo
1996 Press Twice: Don’t Make Me Wait (single)
1996 Press Twice: Part of the Secret (single)
1996 Gala (musiikkishow-cd, Porvoon kaupunki)
1995 Press Twice: I-a-a-i-o-o-a-oh (EP)
1995 Diztans (musikaali-cd, Porvoon kaupunki)
1994 Sister Moon: Promo EP

1993 Pepe’s Place (musikaali-cd, Porvoon kaupunki)
1993 Enkeli (single)

Rock and other popular and non-popular music from some past decades and more, literature, movies, tv, arts in general, life in general, the extravagant feeling of falling in love, the fantastic art of getting into stupid situations, hangover, culture, history, passion, silence, the sea, wine, women and the rest.