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Battisti Fest 2015

Battisti Fest 2015
On the Rocks, Helsinki
(c) Giacomo de Angelis

Night of the Power Ballads 2015

On the Rocks
(c) Anna Fioretti

Battisti Fest 2014

Battisti Fest 5.3.2014
Semifinal, Helsinki
(c) Anna Fioretti

Mitro Härkönen 2014

(c) Mitro Härkönen 2014

Café Mascot 27.2.2014

(c) Anna Fioretti

Luca Gargano RMO Espa 24.6.2013

(c) Ari-Pekka Darth (laadukkaat kuvat)

Festa dei Luca 2013

La Festa dei Luca 18.10.2013
Le Bonk, Helsinki
(c) Anna Fioretti

Look Back In Laughter 2010

Studio & promo (feb-march 2010 & release party 26.8.2010)
promo (c) Saara Autere


Cheat Code 2007 & Spumanti Crush 2008

Cheat Code (2007)
Spumanti Crush (2008)

Spumanti 1997-1999

guitar & vocals: Luca Gargano 
drums: Mauro Gargano 
guitar: Mika Tyyskä
bass: Pede Roxbäck / Harri Niemi / Lasse Rantanen

Once upon a time

Various old pics


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