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The first single from the forthcoming album The Sun Is The Same


During 2014 Luca Gargano is going to release two follow-up albums to the 2010 release Look Back In Laughter. The first one of the two forthcoming albums  will be called The Sun Is The Same and it shall consist of 12 new songs. The first single Kites & Bubbles was released digitally on Jan 31.

The second new album will have mostly Luca’s fathers compositions – songs he wrote with his band Big Men in the late 60′s and early 70′s together with some solo songs from the 80′s. But this is something we’ll talk about later!

Luca performs live solo or with his band. If you’re in the Helsinki area check out his singer-songwriter night Samettiklubi!

A slight delay

Hi friends! I’m sorry to tell you that my new album The Sun Is The Same will not come out this April but some months later. This is all just…

Battisti Fest 2014

A tribute to the greatest Italian songwriter of all times – Festa di compleanno di Lucio Battisti! Luca Sturniolo, Luca Gargano e Luca Cannavò, dopo la notte italiana dei Luca,…

The name of the new album is

The name of the new album is The Sun Is The Same The second Luca Gargano album The Sun Is The Same will have 12 new songs and is released…

Suomalaisen musiikin historia

Suomalaisen musiikin historia. Kiitos Suomen Warner ja siihen sulautuneet levy-yhtiöt sadan vuoden ajalta. Paljon upeaa kotimaista musiikkia. Tämä on hieno! (vaikkakin otsikko on hieman liioteltu – on sitä suomalaisen musiikin…

Äänityksiä, biisintekoa, deletoimista ja uudelleen tekemistä… ja keikkoja!

Annan myöhemmin seikkaperäisemmän raportin kuluneen syksyn ja alkutalven biisinteko- ja äänityssavotasta, mutta nyt vakuutan vain, että jotain tapahtuu koko ajan. Tutkitaan sitten, kun jotain on kuultavissa, mitä sen synnyttämiseen vaadittiin….

Ann Charlotte – I Remember You – YouTube

Ann Charlotte – I Remember You – YouTube.

Jukebox & Twitter & Instagram & 2014

I made some new years promises. One of them had to do with being more active on the social media. I’ll keep posting tweets and instapics so that the internet…

Beautiful in the Rain

It’s not snowing yet, but it’s been raining quite a lot. My friend Ann Charlotte came over today and we recorded a cover version of Petula Clark’s Beautiful in the…

A brief update

I’m playing duo gigs with Bjarki Kaikumo, Ari Koivunen, Ann Charlotte and Katri Silolahti, solo gigs with myself and other gigs with various people. I’m also (still) recording and mixing…

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