Welcome to my site. I’m a Singer, Songwriter, Producer, DJ and Music&Media Worker living in Helsinki, Finland.

This site is mostly in english and finnish. Blogi on suomeksi. Bio anche in italiano. Och jag kan skriva på svenska ou francais aussi. Konnichiwa.


Next dates:

11.08.2019 DJ @ Flow-festival, Helsinki
18.08.2019 LIVE w/ Astrid Nicole, Grill & Chill, Helsinki
23.08.2019 DJ (private) Helsinki
24.08.2019 KOSKELAINEN Live @ Herttoniemi Block Party, Helsinki
24.08.2019 Astrid & Luca, Herttoniemi Block Party, Helsinki
18.10.2019, Astrid & Luca acoustic, On The Rocks Kallio, Helsinki
24.10.2019 Astrid & Luca Release party w/ Mea, On The Rocks, Helsinki
3.11.2019 tba, Helsinki
15.11.2019 tba
13.12.2019 tba